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Northern California Collegiate Rugby Conference News

Otter Rugby at Cal State Monterey Bay

By Miguel Palmer, Staff Reporter 04/08/2015, 11:00am EDT

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Recently, the Otter Realm caught up with both the President of CSUMB’s Men’s Rugby Club, Adan Hull, and Vice President, Derek Cwik. Hull is not only president, he also plays and is in charge of setting up practices and making travel arrangements for away games.

Both Hull and Cwik said that they were impressed with the way their team has grown in past years. Hull said “last year we went 0-8 and this year we are 4-4” in a substantial change.

Rugby is a sport similar to football in which the aim of the game is to tackle and get the ball to the other side for points. Some exceptions, however, are that while American football is played with four fifteen-minute quarters, rugby is played with two forty-minute halves, and rugby players play without protective gear. Currently, the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Rugby Clubs are competing against other collegiate clubs throughout California.

Mario Chavez, CSUMB student and rugby player for four years, has grown to love the sport. For Chavez, rugby is more than a sport, “it has helped build my character, create lifelong relationships, and just enjoy myself.”

He says that although enjoyable, rugby is a tough sport “as it is full contact tackling without pads.” However, Chavez continued by saying “many people fail to understand how much of a mental game it is as well.”

Rugby has both a physical and mental aspect to the sport, requiring the use of strategy to avoid being tackled while carrying the ball. However, Chavez recommends the sport to anyone saying “there is no prior experience required” and as someone who came to the sport with no prior experience, he says “it has been a sport I have fallen in love with.”

For more information about the CSUMB men’s rugby team, contact President Adan Hull at or visit their Facebook page Otter Rugby Club CSU Monterey Bay.

UOP and USF scrum down

Crushing Loss to UOP Puts Damper on USF Playoff Hopes

By Charlie Kain-Williams 02/23/2015, 11:00am EST

Close game decided in final three minutes

The Dons faced off against the University of the Pacific Tigers in a fight to the finish.  USF put pressure on the Tigers early, with Dons flyhalf Joe Burson-Ryan scoring a try within the first few minutes. After UOP answered with two tries of their own, captain Myles Fenwick put the Dons back on top with two penalty kicks, which gave them a lead of 13-12 at halftime.

The game was flagged with a high number of penalties, and this would prove costly to the Dons. On every infraction, defensive players must retreat 10 meters, which allows the offense to run a quick play and force the defense off sides.  With three minutes to go and the win in sight, the UOP scrum half quick tapped the ball and caught the Dons off-guard.  He broke the defensive line, which was still retreating, and no one could catch him as he weaved his way into the end zone for a try.

Now down 6, the Dons made a final push to claim victory. Things looked good with the Dons coming out of the huddle with a steal. Just 22 meters away from glory, USF committed a penalty, and the UOP scrumhalf was off to the races again. The result was a crushing 26-13 defeat, which stole the team’s hope of its first playoff berth.

With two games left, the Dons are ready to come out fighting at Negoesco Field. This coming Saturday the Dons face off against Humboldt State.  It is bound to be a good match as HSU is no easy opponent.  With almost no injuries during this weekends game the Dons will train hard all week and be ready to put on a good show. Kickoff will be at 1:00pm.

USF Rugby Kicks Off Season by Breaking Even

By Charlie Kain-Williams 02/02/2015, 11:30am EST

USF recaps first two games of the season

On a brisk night in Vallejo the Dons faced off against UC Monterey Bay for 80 minutes of rugby.  The Dons came out ahead with a final score of 43-17. 

Skillful play from the big forward pack and sound execution by the back line lead to a fast paced game.  The match marked the second game of the regular season for the Dons, and left them with a record of 1-1.  The first game of the season ended in a loss to the well trained and conditioned California Maritime Academy Keelhaulers.

The Rugby Club competes in the California NSCRO College Rugby Association in compliance with USA Rugby rules and regulations.  Though rugby is not considered a popular sport at USF it does have a substantial history with the university.  An organization for over thirty years, the Dons rugby clubs, both men’s and women’s, have produced players who have gone on to play at the national and international levels.

For those who are not familiar with the game of Rugby, it is a popular sport around the world.  It is also one that is growing in popularity throughout the United States.  The game features 15 bare bodied players who face off on a field known as the pitch.  The match lasts 80 minutes and is played in two halves.  A cross between football and soccer, rugby combines the physicality of tackling and stopping the ball carrier with the endurance of nonstop play.  Long dashing runs, immaculate passes and hard hits characterize the high intensity sport.

Feb. 7 is the first home game of the season against Sonoma State.  The game will begin at 12 p.m.