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NSCRO Issues 2017-18 Player and Club Eligibility Policies

By NSCRO, 09/07/17, 10:15AM EDT


NSCRO has issued its 2017-18 Player and Club Eligibility Policies along with associated documents, effective September 1, 2017, for both NSCRO 15s and 7s.

These eligibility policies are in line with our goal to raise the profile of small college rugby as well as help its growth and development. The Player Eligibility Policy ensures fairness in its competitive league and playoff matches and allows flexible participation of student-athletes (i.e., players).  NSCRO recognizes the presence of non-traditional students (as well as traditional students) who attend small colleges and the need for their inclusion. Non-traditional students include those who have enrolled in college following their graduation from high school then withdrew or delayed their enrollment due to military service, meeting family needs, are a single parent or employed full time as well as part-time students and those who may have earned a GED.  We believe that non-traditional students reflect the realities of small college life.  NSCRO provides each student-athlete with five (5) years to compete in collegiate rugby within a seven (7) year eligibility period from the date the student-athlete first enrolled in a university or college.

The Club Eligibility Policy addresses the requirements for eligibility for services from NSCRO that benefits our members.  The services available to NSCRO member include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Club participation in the NSCRO 15s and/or 7s playoffs.  
  2. Player participation in the NSCRO Select Side Program.
  3. Club and player eligibility for the various NSCRO recognition programs, including “Penn Mutual Player of the Month”, “Student-Leader of the Month”, “Heart and Soul Award” and more.
  4. Club administrative support to aid its growth and development.

While the Men's and Women's Club Eligibility enrollment limits are different, they are established to best serve each gender.

Since members of NSCRO must also be members of USA Rugby and as part of our partnership with USA Rugby, USAR has reviewed and accepted our Policies.

The revised Policies along with the Player Eligibility Verification form as well as the following documents to provide policy understanding and a guide to PEV form completion are listed below and can be found and downloaded as needed from our website at

One major revision to our Club Eligibility Policy allows clubs to remain “NSCRO-eligible” when their enrollment exceeds our limit (4500 male students not to exceed 4725, 3500 female students not to exceed 3675) for two consecutive years.  After two years in this range, teams who wish to remain an NSCRO member can apply for a waiver.  Our goal is to avoid "yo-yoing" clubs in and out of NSCRO in such cases.

Please direct all feedback or questions to