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Penn Mutual's Ann Callaghan Joins NSCRO Board of Directors

By Stephen Cohen, NSCRO, 03/16/17, 2:00PM EDT



NSCRO welcomes Ann Callaghan, senior communications manager of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (Penn Mutual), to its Board of Directors. Callaghan will work with NSCRO to enhance the mission of the organization and continue to grow participation within the sport.

Over the last three years, Penn Mutual has made a strong commitment to the sport of rugby - most notably through championship title sponsorships and by partnering with rugby business networking programs nationwide. Callaghan, who has been a part of aligning these business initiatives from the beginning, has a special understanding and appreciation for the sport, its progressive development in the US, as well as the philosophies and values of NSCRO.

“Through Penn Mutual’s various connections to the sport, it’s been great to see the increased interest and evolution of rugby, and it’s exciting to see how rugby will continue to develop with student-athletes and fans,” said Callaghan. “I’m thrilled to be part of the Board of Directors for NSCRO, and truly look forward to helping the organization in its mission to support the sport’s growth, bring awareness to the collegiate level, and bolster visibility and progress within women’s teams.”

“We appreciate Penn Mutual’s advocacy of rugby and are eager to have Ann join us in furthering our mission”, said Steve Cohen, president of NSCRO. “We are enthusiastic about spreading the message behind rugby, and all that the sport stands for, and we can do that by connecting passionate ruggers and partnering with people just like Ann.”