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NSCRO Women's 7s National Championship Teams Announced

By Bryn Chivers, NSCRO, 04/22/19, 12:30PM EDT


Sixteen teams from ten states have qualified for the 2019 Women’s 7s National Championship. There are ten returning teams including the top six finishers from 2018. They are joined by six teams making their first trip to the 7s National Championship:

*Angelo State University, TX *MiraCosta Community College, CA
The California University of Pennsylvania, PA Simpson College, IA
Colgate University, NY *St. Bonaventure University, NY
Colorado College, CO *Swarthmore College, PA
*Eckerd College, FL University of Findlay, OH
Endicott College, MA University of Rochester, NY
Lee University, TN Wayne State College, NE
*Middlebury College, VT York College of PA, PA

* Denotes new teams

The 2019 NSCRO Women’s National Championships will be held April 27 - 28 at Founders Field in Cheswick, PA.

Games will be played on two fields concurrently. All games on Field 1 will be live-streamed on the NSCRO Women’s YouTube Channel:

The match schedule is as follows. A hard copy can be downloaded here.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1 - Wayne State College 1 - Eckerd College 1 - Simpson College 1 - York College
2 - Univ. of Findlay 2 - Endicott College 2 - St. Bonaventure Univ. 2 - Univ. of Rochester
3 - Colgate University 3 - Colorado College 3 - Lee University 3 - MiraCosta CC
4 - Swarthmore College 4 - Angelo State Univ. 4  Middlebury College 4 - California Univ. of PA


Saturday, 27 April - Field 1

10:00 AM 1 Pool A A1 vs. A4 Wayne State vs. Swarthmore
10:20 AM 3 Pool B B1 vs. B4 Eckerd vs. Angelo State
10:40 AM 5 Pool C C1 vs. C4 Simpson vs. Middlebury
11:00 AM 7 Pool D D1 vs. D4 York vs. Cal U of PA
11:40 AM 9 Pool A A1 vs. A3 Wayne State vs. Colgate
12:00 PM 11 Pool B B1 vs. B3 Eckerd vs. Colorado College
12:20 PM 13 Pool C C1 vs. C3 Simpson vs. Lee
12:40 PM 15 Pool D D1 vs. D3 York vs. MiraCosta
1:20 PM 17 Pool A A1 vs. A2 Wayne State vs. Findlay
1:40 PM 19 Pool B B1 vs. B2 Eckerd vs. Endicott
2:00 PM 21 Pool C C1 vs. C2 Simpson vs. St. Bonaventure
2:20 PM 23 Pool D D1 vs D2 York vs. Rochester
Teams re-seeded based on pool play
3:40 PM 25   A3 vs. D4 Findlay vs. Cal U of PA
4:00 PM 27   B4 vs. C3 Colorado vs. St. Bonaventure
4:20 PM 29   A1 vs. D2 Wayne State vs. York College of PA
4:40 PM 31   B2 vs. C1 Eckerd vs. Simpson


Saturday, 27 April - Field 2

10:00 AM 2 Pool A A2 vs. A3 Findlay vs. Colgate
10:20 AM 4 Pool B B2 vs. B3 Endicott vs. Colorado College
10:40 AM 6 Pool C C2 vs. C3 St. Bonaventure vs. Lee
11:00 AM 8 Pool D D2 vs. D3 Rochester vs. MiraCosta
11:40 AM 10 Pool A A2 vs. A4 Findlay vs. Swarthmore
12:00 PM 12 Pool B B2 vs. B4 Endicott vs. Angelo State
12:20 PM 14 Pool C C2 vs. C4 St. Bonaventure vs. Middlebury
12:40 PM 16 Pool D D2 vs. D4 Rochester vs. Cal U of PA
1:20 PM 18 Pool A A3 vs. A4 Colgate vs. Swarthmore
1:40 PM 20 Pool B B3 vs. B4 Colorado College vs. Angelo State
2:00 PM 22 Pool C C3 vs. C4 Lee vs. Middlebury
2:20 PM 24 Pool D D3 vs. D4 MiraCosta vs. Cal U of PA
Teams re-seeded based on pool play
3:40 PM 26   A4 vs. D3 Swarthmore vs. MiraCosta
4:00 PM 28   B3 vs. C4 Angelo State vs. Middlebury
4:20 PM 30   A2 vs. D1 Colgate vs. Rochester
4:40 PM 32   B1 vs. C2 Endicott vs. Lee


Sunday, 28 April - Field 1


9:00 AM 33   L25 vs. L27 Cal U of PA vs. Colorado
9:20 AM 35   W25 vs. W27 Findlay vs. St. Bonaventure
9:40 AM 37   W30 vs. W32 Rochester vs. Endicott
10:00 AM 39   W29 vs. W31 Wayne State vs. Simpson
10:40 AM 41 13th/14th Place W33 vs. W34 Colorado vs. Middlebury
11:00 AM 43 9th/10th Place W35 vs. W36 St. Bonaventure vs. MiraCosta
11:20 AM 45 5th/6th Place W37 vs. W38 Colgate vs. Eckerd
11:40 AM 47 3rd/4th Place L39 vs. L40 Simpson vs. Endicott
12:00 PM 48 Championship W39 vs. W40 Wayne State vs. Rochester


Sunday, 28 April - Field 2

9:00 AM 34   L26 vs. L28 Swarthmore vs. Middlebury
9:20 AM 36   W26 vs. W28 Angelo State vs. MiraCosta
9:40 AM 38   L30 vs. L32 Colgate vs. Lee
10:00 AM 40   L29 vs. L31  
10:40 AM 42 15th/16th Place L33 vs. L34  
11:00 AM 44 11th/13th Place L35 vs. L36  
11:20 AM 46 7th/8th Place L37 vs. L38