The NSCRO Regional Playoffs may begin with single day Qualifier* matches between 2 teams representing Conferences within the Region. The location of these matches is determined by NSCRO based on various factors within each Region. In order to fairly and effectively prepare for the requirements of hosting such matches, planning must begin early, starting with the Conference administrators. The hosting Conference must insure that all NSCRO Playoff Regulations are met.

NSCRO Regulations for Playoff Matches

Regulations Effective October 2018. Use for NSCRO 15s playoffs.
See NSCRO 7s Regulations for 7s playoffs.

The following USAR Guidelines are in effect for all NSCRO playoff matches as identified in the NSCRO Playoff Regulations.

NSCRO appoints a "representative" at all of its playoff events. Below you will find a Checklist explaining the duties of the NSCRO Rep.