Eligibility Policy Handbook

NSCRO is pleased to introduce its Eligibility Policy Handbook. The handbook addresses player, club (men and women) and sevens policies. It also provides a handy Player Eligibility Checklist.

Player Eligibility

In keeping with our goals to raise the profile of small college rugby as well as helping its growth and development, NSCRO has prepared this Eligibility Policy to insure fairness in competitive league and playoff matches and All-Star (Select Side) teams and related events covering both 15’s and 7’s rugby. NSCRO recognizes the presence of non-traditional students attending small colleges and the need for their inclusion. Traditional students are those who typically graduate high school who then start college and attend for four to five years full-time earning a bachelor’s degree. Non-traditional students include those who start college right after high school and may have to stop attending or who start years after finishing high school. Generally this happens due to military service, meeting family needs, etc. and such students attend college often part-time, may hold a job and also may commute to school daily from home. NSCRO believes that the inclusion of non-traditional full-time students reflects the realities of college life. Therefore, NSCRO provides each student-athlete with five (5) years to compete in collegiate rugby within a seven (7) year eligibility period from the date the student-athlete first enrolled in a university or college.

It is the responsibility of the governing Conference/Union to insure student-athlete compliance of this Policy for matches directly under their control. Compliance verification shall be performed in both semesters and before the spring quarter and after the winter quarter, as applicable, of the school year (starting in August or September).

Regulation 4 addresses students from a nearby school without a rugby club, playing rugby for another college. Below you will find a document addressing this Regulation including an Addendum of importance.

NSCRO's Player and Club Eligibility Policies have been reviewed and accepted by USA Rugby.

Please contact the NSCRO Eligibility Director if you have any questions.

The below document summarizes the basis of student-athlete eligibility.

The following USA Rugby Policy pertains to players who are Under 19 (at time of match) who wish to play in, or be involved in training for, all College Rugby matches.

Eligibilty Appeals

As stated in the Handbook:
For players who are not in compliance with this Policy that a Club feels there is a basis for their eligibility may submit an appeal to NSCRO. In such cases, the Club Coach or President shall first contact the NSCRO Eligibility Director to determine if the case is appealable. If the case is determined to have merit, NSCRO will advise what specific information and documentation is required to be submitted to NSCRO with a copy sent to the club’s Conference/Union. NSCRO will advise if the appeal is accepted or not and if it is accepted, a Waiver shall be granted allowing the player’s participation in matches governed by this Policy. The Waiver must be presented as part of the governing Conference/Union Game Day Protocol as well as during Check-In at an NSCRO playoff match.

See below Eligibility Questionnaire that should be completed and sent to the NSCRO Eligibility Director as applicable.

Please contact the NSCRO Eligibility Director to determine if the case has merit.