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NSCRO is a Delaware non-stock non-profit corporation which has received 501(c)(3) tax status from the United States Internal Revenue Service

NSCRO is governed by the following:

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Rafael Zahralddin

  Executive Committee     

The CEO/President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer also serve on the Board of Directors.


Education Committee
Chair, Jayme Pendergast (Life University)
Brandon Johnson (The Claremont Colleges)
Dave Kenkel (Endicott College)
Anne-Marie Lemal (College of Wooster)
Greg White (College of St. Scholastica)
Ron Ziegler


Fundraising Committee
Steve Hiatt
Mike Geibel
Cathy Hingerty

Leadership Team
Shawn Elms, Team Leader
Captain Roderick Bonner
Terry Pledger




Eligibility Director
Greg Noone 

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Megan Braun

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Medical & Safety
Dr. Ali El-Kerdi

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Commissioner of Women' s Rugby

Bryn Chivers

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Commissioner of Men's Rugby

Stephen Cohen

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Chief Compliance Officer (acting)

Rafael Zahralddin

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Women’s High Performance Commissioner 

Bryn Chivers

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Men’s High Performance Commissioner 

Jeremy Treece

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Men's National Ranking Committee

Chair, Jeremy Treece

Northeast  Region 1 Commissioner

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Region 2 Commissioners (Men's)
Matt Cipriano, Mid-Atlantic

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Eddie Roberts, South

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Central Region 3 Commissioner (Men's)
Greg White

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PacWest Region 4 Commissioner (Men's)

Steven Hiatt

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Marketing Director


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Director of Events

Matt Robinette

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