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NSCRO is a Pennsylvania non-stock non-profit corporation which has received 501(c)(3) tax status from the United States Internal Revenue Service

NSCRO is governed by the following:
Executive Committee
President, Steve Cohen. Email :
Vice-President, Steve Hiatt. Email:
Secretary, Bill Krecker. Email:
Treasurer, Kyle Smith. Email:
Women's Representative, Bryn Chivers. Email:

Board of Directors
Executive Committee plus
Ann Callaghan (Marketing and Communications)
Kevin Phillipson (Business Strategy)
Mark Reilly (Sports Marketing)
Lori Runksmeier (College/University Relations)
Rafael Zahralddin (Legal)

Education Committee
Brandon Johnson (The Claremont Colleges), Lori Runksmeier (Eastern Connecticut State University), Alex Romano (Franklin & Marshall College), and Kevin Phillipson (St. Andrew's University)

Fundraising Committee
Steve Hiatt, Kevin Phillipson, and Steve Rukavina

Strategic Planning
Kevin Phillipson

Leadership Development
Tom Trumps, Team Leader, Roderick Bonner, Kurt Murrell, Tracy Schrems and Mike Wenzel

Commissioners and Directors
Eligibility - Email :
 Director, Bill Krecker
 Associate Directors, Greg Noone and Pete Sherwin
Disciplinarian - Megan Braun. Email:
Medical - Dr. Ali El-Kerdi. Email:
Rugby Development - Jeremy Treece. Email:
Women's Rugby, Bryn Chivers, Commissioner. Email:
Men's Rugby, Steve Cohen. Commissioner
 7s Commissioner, Howard Kent. Email:
 Region 1 Commissioner, Bill Krecker. Email:
 Region 2 Commissioner, Steve Cohen
 Region 3 Commissioners, Ed Baker (Central East) and Megan Braun (Central West)
 Region 4 Commissioner, Steve Hiatt. Email:
 National Ranking Committee Chairperson, Ed Baker. Email:
Marketing Director, Jeannie Feliciano. email:

Contact us for additional information, as needed.